All About Algorithms

This week we have been learning all about algorithms. As part of our ‘Moon Zoom’ topic we have been looking at what algorithms are and how they are put into digital devices.

To begin this learning we talked all about instructions, how it is important to give clear and concise instructions, focusing specifically on directional language. We learnt about directions such as left and right and also looked at forwards and backwards. A big part of our learning was all about ‘turning’ and knowing that when you ‘turn’ you stay in the same space, but change the direction that you are facing.

We started off making our own maps, using the compare bears to direct our friends around using the directional language that we had been focused on. We then got stuck into the ‘computing’ aspect of the lesson.

Using the Bee-Bots to support our understanding we created our own algorithms and input them into the device to see if it would lead the Bee-Bot around a larger map that we had made. We talked about maps having ‘obstacles’ in the way, as if we were a robot moving around a planet. How can we move our Bee-Bot around the obstacles.. by inputting an accurate algorithm!

This takes lots of practice and patience. Everyone was really resilient and worked reciprocally with their partners to produce a map and take turns with the Bee-Bot. Great team work Year 1 – keep it up!

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