An Out Of This World Week!

This week in Seahorses class we have been learning all about Space!

Again this week we have chosen a theme to follow this has been helpful when completing the bitesize English lessons. Please do this at home if your child has particular interest – the lessons are designed to recap skills. Changing the topic to a subject of interest just makes it a little more fun!!!

We have been applying – ing at the end of words, and writing sentences about Tim Peakes the famous astronaut.

In Maths we have been looking at comparing numbers to one hundred focusing on the vocabulary of greater than, less than and equal too. We have spent some time looking again at Tens and Ones and recapping he importance of place value.

In the afternoons we have had a go at some water coloring painting outside in the school garden. Playing some music games and learning about the Solar System. Can you name the planets in order from the Sun?

Well done Seahorses and everyone at home who has been in touch.

Keep up the good work.


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