Another Wicked Week with Six!

Another Wicked Week with Six!


The children are really settled into life back at school now. BBC Teach has seen the children tackle tricky sums linking to perimeter, area and volume of shapes. In writing, the children have created their very own comic strips based around a book, as well as writing a script all about Robert Falcon Scott’s trip to the Antarctic. In addition, the children have also written a thrilling tale based on a video they watched called ‘Francis’. The children have even written a diary all about ‘the day in the life of an inanimate object’. What really does a day in the life of a bin or a clock look like?

We’ve also been very busy during the afternoons…Take a look at the long list of activities we’ve been getting up to during the week…




-Water Pong

-Using Microsoft Excel in order to start our own shopping business

-Hide-and-Seek Southill School Championships



Only 15, that’s right, 15 school days in primary education left! We hope the Dolphins and Turtles have a lovely weekend.


Mr. Smith and Mr. Prior


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