Arise Sir Athelstan and Alfred

Arise Sir Athelstan and Alfred


This afternoon, we have been learning about significant people in British history. Specifically, we have been learning about two Anglo-Saxon kings who are well known even to this day. We began the lesson by splitting the class in half. One half of the class focused on King Alfred the Great and the other focused on King Athelstan. They were tasked with finding out their king’s significant achievements.

The children then used books, handouts and online sources of information in order to find even more fascinating factual information about their king. I must say, the children worked incredibly hard and produced some fantastic pieces of writing. We concluded the lesson by getting the children to partner up someone who had researched about the other king. They then taught one another about their significant person in history.

A really great afternoon indeed. Well done, Year 4!

Mr. Prior


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