Book Talk – WILD BOY

Book Talk – WILD BOY


At Southill, we are always looking to inspire children to read new and exciting books. During our Book Talk session today, we explored the book Wild Boy written by Rob Lloyd Jones. We looked at the prologue of the story and unpicked the tools that the writer had used to describe the setting so vividly. We were also BLOWN away by the description of the characters and the cliffhanger that ended the prologue with a punch! The children were desperate to know more.

After our discussion, the children then had a go at answering some comprehension questions based on the text. They were required to skim and scan the story in order to answer the questions. The reason why Book Talk is so effective is because not only do the children develop their comprehension skills, they are also introduced to new and exciting books that they can pick up and read.

Well done, Year 4. I wonder what book we will look at next week?

Mr. Prior


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  1. It was so fun I enjoyed the whole book talk

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