Art Afternoon

This afternoon in Year 2 we had an art afternoon! We explored different textures and learnt how to create them. We watched a video about the variety of textures that can be found in artwork, before carefully reading our instructions together. We used tissue paper, clay, paints, string, glue and foil.

We used tissue paper to create soft folds and wrinkles, before dabbing it with paint. Look how colourful they are!

We glued string to cardboard to create patterns, then we glued foil on top to make it smooth and shiny. We pressed the foil down so that we could see and feel the pattern of the string.

Next, we pressed bubble wrap into clay to make a pattern. Then, we carefully used cocktail sticks and the ends of paintbrushes to add detail. This made a bumpy texture.

Finally, we used clay to create ridges – we did this by make little sausages and pinching them to make them spiky. We used cocktail sticks to score along the clay to create thinner ridges. The children paid lots of attention to detail during this part.

Wow Year 2! What a brilliant afternoon!

One comment on “Art Afternoon

  1. Sophie Murray says:

    What super artists! Well done Year 2. George has been telling me all about how he created his textured picture using the string and foil.

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