Forest School Session 9 – camps, flags and planting

The weather was a little drizzly, but that didn’t dampen our Forest School spirits.  We started this week trying to crack ‘the human knot’.  We had to hold hands with someone else after twisting and turning.  The aim was to work as a team and untie ourselves so we ended up in circle.  We discovered that the first hurdle was for everyone to stay up right and not let go!  We had a go as a big group and then tried in 2 smaller groups.  There was lots of laughing, great communication and encouraging too.

Next up, the children requested to make two ‘camps’ as part of the battle game they played last week.  We divided into two teams, and camps we made.  We reminded ourselves of our previously learnt timber hitch skills on the way.

Once the camps were set up, the games continued from last week.  Other children wanted to help plant some seeds ready for Southill’s Big Plant Swap in May.  They planted carrots, sunflowers, basil, lavender and lettuce to name but a few.  We also planted out some of Year 5’s potatoes and beans that they starting growing in the classroom as part of one of their topics.  The seeds had grown into planta and they had got quite big and needed more space.

There was also some fun on the seesaw as well as the chance to create our very own flags.

There was the challenge to get the fire lit and keep it going for 5 minutes.  Well done Ashton for managing to do it, especially in the rain.  Not an easy task!  He also extinguished the fire safely at the end of our session.

Roll on next week where the children have asked the activities to include: whittling, cooking, making bunting and den building again!

2 comments on “Forest School Session 9 – camps, flags and planting

  1. Lisa linaker says:

    Looks like so much fun 💙

  2. Miss Knight says:

    Great photos! Thank you Mrs Butler, the children are always so excited on Wednesdays and really look forward to forest school 😄

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