Arts Week in Year 1

WOW! What a fun packed week we have had in Year 1.

This week we have been learning about a range of famous artists including Pablo Picasso, Vincent van Gogh and Yayoi Kusama. As part of our arts week we have been looking at famous pieces of art, discussing them and creating a list of vocabulary to describe what we see and how we feel. We have been looking at how the artists use different materials and techniques to create art work in ‘their’ style which they have become famous for over many many years.

We have been exploring vocabulary such as:

Colour – bright, bold, dark, pale, tone, shade

Materials – paper, fabric, canvas, clay, smooth, rough

Sculpture, exhibition, brush stokes, geometric … and many many more.

Throughout the week we have had the chance to explore artwork by our chosen famous artists and create our own work in the style of the artists that we have learnt about. This has been a brilliant experience with lots of us trying out new ideas and techniques that we have never even heard of before! To finish off the week with a bang, we have put our favourite piece of art into the Southill Primary School exhibition for all of our friends and family to see.

A great week exploring new ideas together. Well done Year 1!



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  1. Lauren Stedman says:

    Some great creations 🤩

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