All Things Art in Year 2!

What a wonderful week we have had participating in Arts Week and embracing all things arty!

Each afternoon began with an introduction to a different significant artist and their work, including Barbara Hepworth, Pablo Picasso, Vincent van Gogh and Yayoi Kusama. We explored some of their pieces, noticing themes and techniques and considering our own responses. Feeling inspired, we then set to work, often creating and recording sketches to develop our initial ideas before using a variety of materials and techniques to produce our own pieces of art in the style of each artist.

Over the week, we produced: soap sculptures, self-portraits inspired by the work of Picasso, a canvas painting using acrylic paints and one consisting of many dots in the style of Yayoi Kusama. We have had the opportunity to explore and experiment with a variety of different techniques, including use of colour, line, texture, shape, form and space.

It has certainly been an exciting and memorable week – full of new experiences and opportunities for us to develop as artists! Below you can see a selection of photos which show us creating our pieces of art and some of our finished work.

Well done for your effort and enthusiasm Year 2! It has been brilliant to see the pride you have shown for your finished pieces.


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  1. That looks awsome😂😂

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