Awesome Artwork!

This afternoon in Year 6, we spent some time learning about ‘The Blitz’. We found out that it was a period of intensive bombing in England from September 1940 to May 1941. We learnt the impact that this had on the citizens of large cities and how people used blackout blinds to block the light from their houses, and use air raid shelters in order to keep themselves safe.

We then created our own Blitz scene using oil pastels, masking tape and black card. We thought carefully about how we could create a vibrant background which would portray our Blitz scene effectively and discussed how we could blend our colours together.  We used masking tape to represent the searchlights that were used to identify enemy planes (which we then had to very carefully peel off at the end), and we also spent some time cutting out our city skyline with black card.

Here are some examples of the fantastic artwork Year 6 created…

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