Bar Graphs, Orienteering and Christmas Jumpers!

It’s been a busy week in Year 6 as we have come to the end of our ‘Blood Heart’ topic. We started the week off by conducting an experiment to see what happens to our heart rates when we participate in different activities such as sitting, jogging, slow breathing/meditation and sprinting.  Using our knowledge of the circulatory system, we made predictions to show what we would expect to see. Then, we headed out onto the playground to take part in each activity and to record our heart rate after each one. Back in class, we discussed why our heart rate increased with physical activity, and decreased when participating in more relaxing activities such as slow breathing and sitting. We then created a bar graph to represent our findings from the data collected.

To finish off the topic, the children spent their morning participating in an orienteering course. The class were set with the task of answering a range of questions, which were set out around the school grounds, based on all of their learning from the ‘Blood Heart’ topic. Questions included naming different parts of the heart, considering the impact of famous Scientists such as Dr William Harvey and Karl Landsteiner, and explaining the function of the  components of blood. The children worked really hard across the morning and demonstrated excellent map-reading skills, teamwork and determination.

Finally, the class had a fantastic day on Wednesday wearing their Christmas jumpers and enjoying their Christmas dinners. Well done Year 6 for a fantastic first term – you have all worked incredibly hard and we are so proud of you all for what you have achieved!






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