Beautiful Symmetry

What a fun filled Maths Day the children had yesterday!

They started off by tackling some tricky challenges as soon as they came in to school – straight away I was impressed with their ambitious attitudes! They were then surprised by a mystery teacher, who turned out to be Mrs Clark, for the whole morning where they explored shape and created their own tangram puzzles!

In the afternoon, they were back with me! We had such a wonderful time creating symmetrical pictures using 2D shapes, cut out of tissue paper, and then layering their creations with another piece of card that they had carefully cut out whilst folded in half to create another symmetrical design. What made them look so effective was that everybody’s looked different and the children really thought hard about how they arranged their card to show the best parts of their designs!

You’ll see from the pictures below that I simply couldn’t resist displaying them in our classroom because they looked so amazing!

Another brilliant week Year 3 – well done!

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  1. Maxwell coles says:

    I found it really fun!

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