Bonjour! Ca Va?!

Bonjour classe, comment ca va?

We have been working hard on our conversational French this term, practicing greetings and asking others how they are feeling. We would love to practice some with you at home, give it a go, ask us how we are feeling!

Once we had the hang of speaking to another person in French, we looked closer at the gender of the adjectives to ensure we were using them correctly. In some languages, adjectives and nouns are separated into genders so may need to be pronounced differently.  Have a look at the differences between these emotions, can you spot any?  Ask us if they sound any different when spoken aloud!

And as if this wasn’t enough, we have also been practicing how to count to 100 in French!  Wow Year 5!  Amazing resourceful learning this term!  Keep practicing at home and amaze your parents with your phenomenal French counting! Tres Bien!

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