Still Life Art Lesson

In Year 2 we have been enjoying the companion project to Movers and Shakers, Still Life. Before half term, we studied different still life paintings. We looked at the objects used, composition, textures, colours, and talked about the artists.

Today in Year 2 the children enjoyed three art activities – painting, sketching, and sculpting. Different objects were placed on the tables for the children to study such as flowers, vases, plates, bowls, jugs, fruit and candles. They produced some beautiful artwork and all focused brilliantly. Well done, Year 2!


2 comments on “Still Life Art Lesson

  1. Ostin Desmond - Weeks says:

    Ostin has just told us all about it at dinner time!! He really enjoyed himself today. Great first day back .

  2. Sophie Murray says:

    George loved this! He told us all about it, especially the sculpting.

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