Book Buzz!

Here at Southill, we absolutely love reading and we all read a class novel every morning.  In Year 5, we have just finished our latest novel Wolf Wilder and are so impressed, we wanted to give a school wide Book Buzz to encourage you all to read it too!

Wolf Wilder is a story of Feo who re-wilds wolves, with her mother, after they have been tamed by rich families in Russia for entertainment.  A confrontation with the Tsar’s chief commander however, leads Feo on a journey of faith, worry and revolution greater than she could ever have imagined!

Have a look at our recent book recommendations shared in class and read our Buzzes for why you should also read Wolf Wilder!

7 comments on “Book Buzz!

  1. Eliza🐾🐉 says:

    Great book it’s so heartwarming

  2. Imogen Potts says:

    I really enjoyed the book recommendation it was really fun ☺

  3. Lucy🤪😝 says:

    I loved reading this book and recommend it 10 out of 10!!

  4. Lucy😝🤪 says:

    I loved this book!

  5. Macklin says:

    This book is great

  6. This is an excellent book with a mystery, adventure and a bit of murder 👍

  7. Yes Amelia it was excellent !

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