Clever Never Goes!

Clever Never Goes!


This afternoon, we spoke about what used to be called ‘Stranger Danger’. We discussed why this might have been updated to ‘Clever Never Goes’. It was clear that not all strangers are dangerous and therefore we needed to think carefully about what to do in certain situations.

We watched a number of videos which involved children encountering strangers. We then discussed what we would do in those situations and it was great listening to some of the responses. Things such as:


Never get into a stranger’s car

Having a mobile phone is handy as you can ring someone you trust if you feel unsafe 

Do not go with people you do not know, even if they have a cute pet or offer you something such as sweets 

Walk/run away from a situation to somewhere safe if you feel uncomfortable

Scream or shout for help (in serious cases) 


The children handled this conversation in a mature way and used their ‘Go-Spotters’ to decide whether they felt safe, unsure or unsafe in certain situations.


A trusty robot called Clever also taught us a tricky tongue-twister to help us-


‘Wherever Clever goes

Clever always knows

Clever never goes.’


Well done, Year 6. You handled this afternoon brilliantly.




2 comments on “Clever Never Goes!

  1. I loved doing this

  2. Clever Never Goes team says:

    Great work everyone. Lovely to see so many ‘go-spotters’! Hope you enjoyed the lesson and activities.

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