The Sleepy Bumblebee

When we came in to our classroom on Wednesday, there was a special letter for us.

We have been learning a story about the sleepy bumblebee. We use these pictures to help us.

There have been lots of exciting things to explore as we start to find out more about bees.

There is a beehive for the bees.

Look at the lovely bees, pollen, hive, pictures and books.

This was our special letter.

We are having great fun exploring.

We will continue to find out more about bees and see if we can help the sleepy bumblebee.

3 comments on “The Sleepy Bumblebee

  1. Carly Litherland says:

    Darcy told me all about this bumble bee 🐝 sounds like a fun day

  2. Lucy Weeks says:

    Ostin loved telling us all about the bumble bee. He really is so enthusiastic about what he does at school. I cannot thank you enough for all of your hard work & for making learning so much fun for them.

  3. Sophie Murray says:

    George has been teaching us all about bees. His enthusiasm and knowledge has really impressed us. Thank you for making learning so much fun.

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