Into the deep!

As part of our topic work this week, we learnt about the five layers of the ocean: the Sunlight Zone, the Twilight Zone, the Midnight Zone, the Abyss and finally the Trenches. After finding out about the depth of each layer and the creatures that inhabit them, we created a cross-sectional diagram and experimented with different types of pencil. Take a look at some of our artwork below…

In a later lesson, we learnt to use classification keys to group a variety of living things based on their characteristics and behaviours. Ever heard of echinoderms? Crown-of-thorns starfish belong in this group.

We also enjoyed three more brilliant book reviews on Thursday – thank you to those who presented for sharing your thoughtful insights and recommendations!


2 comments on “Into the deep!

  1. Natalie Nash says:

    Great work Lenni

  2. Mia Gillicker says:

    I loved my drawing ! I do like it

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