Book Talk – The World’s Worst Class

Book Talk – The World’s Worst Class

By Joanna Nadin


In Year Four, we love talking about books. This week, we have started looking at a book called ‘The World’s Worst Class by Joanna Nadin. It then got us thinking…What kind of students may you find in the worst class in the world?

We began discussing the idea of characterisation. Simply by coming up with a clever name for a character instantly makes you feel something towards them. For example, in Matilda there’s a teacher called Miss Honey and a headmistress called Miss Trunchbull. We agreed that immediately, Miss Honey sounds like a sweet, kind and caring teacher, whereas Miss Trunchbull sounds horrible and strict!

The children then started sketching their own characters and began thinking of clever names for them. Let’s see what you make of some of the names that the children came up with…


Billy Bookmark

Fred Fright

Ned Nervous

The Tell-Tale Twins

Grace Gossip

Dan Daredevil

Claire Cunning

Peter Panic


They also had to use exaggeration in order to describe some of their newly created characters. A really enjoyable activity which the children really enjoyed. Well done, Year 4.








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