Well Done Year 1!

WOW! What a busy first half term we have had in Year 1!

I have been really impressed with everybody in Year 1 so far this year – I have seen lots of resilience when tackling new learning and have been really really impressed with the effort that the children have put into their independent work.

This half term we have started our Phonics and Reading learning following the Little Wandle scheme. We have seen great results so far and the children are becoming much more confident at spotting the digraphs ( 2 letters one sound) and trigraphs (3 letters one sound) in words before sounding them out and blending in their heads. This has had a huge impact on their confidence when reading and we have been having great fun learning how to read fluently with expression!! Thanks to all of the grown ups for their positive feedback about this at parents evening- it is lovely to hear how the learning in class is being followed up at home.

This week we have been really busy learning…

  • how to add on a number line
  • how to subtract by crossing out
  • making rain shakers as part of our Splendid Skies topic and using them in our music lesson
  • using torches to make shadows and link this in with day and night
  • tracking the weather across the week using our weather wheels
  • writing our ‘Hot Task’ journey stories
  • writing up our favourite weather themed songs and poems

…and much much more!!

A great first half term year 1 – you should all be really proud of yourselves.

Happy half term!

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