Bookflix ‘Cracking Good Reads’: Second Edition

Our second batch of Cracking Good Reads has landed and this time it’s a BUMPER edition with a whopping eight books recommended for us to read!  Thank you to all our children who volunteered to star in their own video, we are sure that you have inspired others to read the stories that you are all so passionate about.  It’s always such a pleasure to see how enthusiastic you are about these books and to hear your experiences of them, your favourite parts and the reasons why you love them so much.

Featured within this edition are:

‘The Dragon in the Library’ by Louie Stowell
‘Penny the Pony Fairy’ by Daisy Meadows
‘Love That Dog’ by Sharon Creech
‘The Scarecrow’s Wedding’ by Julia Donaldson
‘Silverfin’ by Charlie Higson
‘Tiddler’ by Julia Donaldson
‘Little Red Riding Hood’ traditional tale
‘Molly’s Moon Mission’ by Duncan Beedie

As always, all titles have been added to our Bookflix collection and are available to borrow.  Please make sure you fill out the sheet so that we know who has each book and also to cross a line through your name when you bring your book back.

Look out for our very own Captain Shelby who makes several guest appearances throughout this video .. 

Happy reading and ‘thanks for watching, bye!

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