Brand New BLP Hero Postcards

At Southill, pupils learn to build their learning power by developing four characteristics of learning; resilience, reflectiveness, reciprocity and resourcefulness.  Children are familiar with our four ‘Building Learning Power‘ characters which help them to identify each skill, we also recognise and reward those who may do well within each particular area as part of our weekly Celebration Assemblies.

New for this year, we have revamped our school postcards which also highlight and celebrate pupils who have been inspired by our characters to use these powers in their learning.   Along with a more general ‘BLP Hero’ postcard, children can also collect a card for each character which we hope will help them to identify their strengths and encourage them to aim for a particular achievement, providing another positive home/school link too.

And so, from Monday 11th October these postcards go live in our classrooms … the challenge is on.  Can you collect all four?!



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