Bronze Ambassadors at your service!

Bronze Ambassadors at your service!


During break and lunch time today, our Year 5 Bronze Ambassadors began one of there many projects as they provided some sporty activities on the bottom playground. This week, the children used hula hoops and taught Key Stage One children how to ‘hula’! At lunchtime, children young and old were invited to play ‘Human Rock, Paper, Scissors’. Children were split into two teams and had to jump in the hoops until they met a player from the opposing team. The children then battled it out in a game of rock, paper, scissors. The winner could then continue to jump towards the finish, however the loser had to step out of the circle, allowing their teammate to begin jumping.

It was great seeing the children taking responsibility, leading by example and providing even more opportunities to be physically active.

I wonder what they will organise for next week?

Mr. Prior


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