A Journey through the Digestive System

A Journey through the Digestive System


The children had a science-filled morning today as they began to explore the digestive system. To begin with, the children watched a video showing how the food that we eat travels through our digestive organs and listened to a chapter from the hilarious and insightful book ‘Kay’s Anatomy’ by Adam Kay which gave us more of the gory details!

Then the children had to match up the pictures of each organ with the information cards that explained the structure and purpose of each organ. They then summarised what they had learnt about each organ in the digestive system in their science books.

After that, the children used their new-found knowledge to help them write a story about a piece of foods adventure through the digestive system. The children were required to use scientific vocabulary in their story and describe the thoughts and feelings of the character.

I must say, the children were phenomenal! Their science knowledge grew tremendously during the morning and they are now experts on all things associated with digestion.

Mr. Prior


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