Brush…Brush…Brush and Spit!

Brush…Brush…Brush and Spit!


This afternoon, Year Four investigated just how effectively they brush their teeth. After bringing in their toothbrushes (and brushing their teeth) they were asked to chew a plaque disclosing tablet in order to check out how much bacteria might be lingering on their teeth…

The children then brushed their teeth again using a mirror in order to remove the remaining plaque. We then reflected on the activity and learnt about ways we could improve our brushing, such as:


-brushing for 2 minutes!

-brush in circular motions and not to forget the backs of the teeth

-remembering to brush the tongue (to prevent bad breath)


A very memorable afternoon and we now have tooth brushing experts in Year 4!  You don’t believe me? Ask them yourselves…



3 comments on “Brush…Brush…Brush and Spit!

  1. Kirsty jones says:

    I was really enjoying this science lesson with brushing our teeth and it was such a shame that it had to end. It was AWESOME !!!.

  2. Amazing teeth brushing Year 4! Loving the pink and blue gnashers!

  3. Mrs Shelley ( nanny ) says:

    Joshua really enjoyed this lesson he came out buzzing brilliant

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