Can You Speak Gobblefunk?

Gobblefunk ! What on earth are you talking about? Have you gone mad?

Don’t be so ridiculoby! Weez talkin properleenee. Didn’t you know that the Fantastic Mr Roald Dahl created ‘gobblefunk’? As it’s Roald Dahl Day, of course weez talkin gobblefunk. In fact, weez been creating new gobblefunk. Here’s some examponies:

pipsloopness – someone who is lazy and tired

hibsloopblob – a little brother

spickpompfuzz – someone who like baths

swooshnooshness – a person who gets really excited when they do something boring (like putting the trash out)

shnickswizfull – someone who ate too much

fissyipfuzz – afizzy sweet

snugsmeempleing – someone who loves sleeping

heffbubblob – someone who loves bubble baths

spickwarpfizzer – someone who sucks fizzy sweets while playing ‘crash bandicoot warpe’.

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