Roald Dahl Day in Year Three

Roald Dahl Day in Year Three

We’ve had a blast celebrating the brilliant stories written by Mr Dahl. This year, the theme was bravery and we very much focused on the story ‘Matilda’.

“You witless weed!” A character’s personality can be revealed in what they say. Miss Trunchbull is an angry and cruel headteacher who uses lots of creative insults. The children were therefore tasked with coming up with creative insults in order to make children behave!

It was great seeing the children so enthusiastic about writing and their performances were rather frightening.

I hope you enjoy watching the small selection below. We certainly enjoyed filming them!


3 comments on “Roald Dahl Day in Year Three

  1. Florence cleave says:

    I am miss trunchbul

  2. Ayla litherland says:

    I am Matilda it was so much fun

  3. Mia Gillicker says:

    I WAS THE GOLDEN TICKET! Who wants to see Willy Wonka?

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