Chicken Wing Dissection

Chicken Wing Dissection


Science day has been a BLAST! The experiment that took place in Year 4 today consisted of children dissecting a chicken wing in order to unpick what each part does. Using forceps and a scalpel, the children had to be resilient and try to dissect each part into:








I have to say, the children were AMAZING! Some were a little unsure at first, however persevered and learnt a great deal about bones, muscles and movement! We now know what each component of a chicken wing does to help it move and what the names of the muscles and bones are. The children then moved around to every other Key Stage Two class in order to participate in another scientific enquiry linked to movement. A special mention to two Year 6 pupils (last picture on the gallery below) who were the only group to dissect every part of the chicken wing and label it correctly!

A huge thank you to All Saints who provided most of the scientific equipment and helped to make the session run smoothly, thank you to Mrs. Chamberlain and Mrs. Sanderson for kindly giving up your time to assist and finally thank you to Mrs. Butler for organising such an EPIC day of science.

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4 comments on “Chicken Wing Dissection

  1. Amazing! Samuel was fascinated with this today!

  2. Science day was the best. thank you Mrs Butler for organising this amazing experience!!!

  3. Ashton Ashworth says:

    This was gross but I loved it! Thank you for organising. This was so much fun.

  4. Lacey Smith says:

    Science day was the best!

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