Christmas Greetings from Southill Primary!

Join us every week day leading up to the last day of term as we enjoy a Christmas Greeting from each class!  While we are unfortunately unable to take part in Christmas productions this year, we hope that these festive messages provide the next best thing while also helping to keep everyone safe and well.  The children have really enjoyed taking part!

We plan to go out in style with a LIVE performance from Year 6 on Friday 17th December (stay tuned for more details) and we also have a special edition greeting from a very important person that day too …

As we can’t all be together we just LOVE to read your comments.  Whether you’re watching in class or at home – please do let us know how much you enjoyed each video!

Friday 17th December, 2021:

Christmas Greeting #7 AND 8! Rocking Around the Christmas Tree’ performed LIVE by Year 6, WELL DONE for being so brave by stepping up to singing live!  You all did a fantastic job.

SPECIAL EDITION Christmas Greeting from a very special person delivered just for us here at Southill!


Thursday 16th December, 2021:

Christmas Greeting #6 ‘The Night Before Christmas’ by Year 2, who all worked hard to learn the story for this performance. We are really proud of you all!

Wednesday 15th December, 2021:

Christmas Greeting #5 ’If You Don’t Know the Way’ performed by Year 5.  Well done for learning this song in a short space of time when you couldn’t all be together as a group too.  Awesome effort!

Tuesday 14th December, 2021:

Christmas Greeting #4 ‘How to Make a Rudolph Christmas Tree Decoration’ by Year 4. Well done all, we hope that you’ve inspired others to give these festive little ornaments a go – they look really great on our tree!

Monday 13th December, 2021:

Christmas Greeting #3 ‘Twinkle Twinkle Little Star’ lovingly sang by Year 1 with their decorated Christingles. A performance guaranteed to make you feel festive! 

Friday 10th December, 2021:

Christmas Greeting #2 Christmas Poems by Reception Class.  Well done to the youngest members of our school for reciting these festive rhymes so beautifully! You really gave us the Christmas spirit …


Thursday 9th December, 2021 :

Christmas Greeting #1 Year 3 read ‘The Christmas Pine‘ by Julia Donaldson. Enjoy!



33 comments on “Christmas Greetings from Southill Primary!

  1. It was great fun reading this Christmas story. It has put us in the mood for Christmas. 🙂
    Year 3

  2. Gill Richardson says:

    I think 🤔 it was great from Lysander

  3. It was so much fun and I enjoyed the story.

  4. Mrs Symonds says:

    Year 3 – you did such a wonderful job at reading such a beautiful story! It was a real pleasure to put your video together. Whenever I read ‘The Christmas Pine’ I shall always think of you!

  5. Thank you for reading us a good book from Reception. Please can we borrow the book?

  6. Reception class you are amazing! Great Christmas rhymes.

  7. We loved your Christmas poems, Reception! It was amazing. We think you are fantastic. We will bring down the book of Christmas Pine later on.
    Love from Year 3 xxx

  8. Thank you for your poems Reception, you did a fantastic job!

  9. Wow they look so cool! Also it is so nice to check up on southill website!!

  10. Mrs Symonds says:

    Your poems were so lovely Reception Class! I hope that you enjoyed seeing yourself on the big screen? Well done!

  11. Mrs Symonds says:

    I am feeling really festive now Year 1. Thank you for singing so well, it was such a pleasure to film you. Well done!

  12. Thank you Year 1 for your lovely singing. It made us feel Christmassy happy from Reception.

  13. Your singing Year 1 was brilliant, terrific and awesome.
    Thank you 🙂

  14. Mrs Symonds says:

    Nice one Year 4 – these look great on our school Christmas tree. Well done for reading your instructions to camera during a busy afternoon with lots of disturbances too! Shhh … nobody would ever know 😉

  15. Mrs Kench and Dora says:

    Year 1 what a lovely treat that was watching your amazing performance your never guess who else enjoyed it ? Dora !!!she was shaking her tail.

  16. To Year 4, we like your decorations and especially liked the google eyes! Happy Christmas from Reception.

  17. Year 4, you have made a fantastic Ruldolph decoration.
    Happy Christmas from Year 3

  18. Mrs Symonds says:

    Awesome effort Year 5 with clever harmonies too!

  19. Year 5, Thank you for your beautiful song. It made us feel happy. From Reception. Happy Christmas.

  20. those reindeer look amazing year four well done.

  21. I love to do my christmas show 😄

  22. Year 5 …. We loved your song and your singing in parts.
    Well done. Merry Christmas from Year 3.

  23. Year 4 have loved watching the videos each day!

  24. Kelly Harris says:

    Well done year 5 what a lovely song & great harmonies you all sang beautifully.

  25. What a lovely video of the reception class

  26. Becca Sanderson says:

    Thank you for all these videos! It’s great to see everyone celebrating Christmas.

  27. Mrs Symonds says:

    Year 2 you are amazing! I’m so impressed at how well you knew the story, thank you for reading it to us 🥰🎄📖

  28. Well done year 2. I loved listening to your Christmas poem. I think you all recited it beautifully with great expression and I loved your festive accessories ☺️🎅🏼❤️

  29. Happy Christmas year 2 ,we loved the story and it made us really happy .

  30. Year 2 … Your poetry performance was wonderful. We’re in the Christmas mood. Thank you. From Year 3

  31. Reception class says:

    Thank you year 6 for your hard work !!!we really loved your show .Happy Christmas from everyone in reception class.

  32. Wow was that really Santa if it was year 3 we’re amazed😱😱😱

  33. Merry Christmas see you next year 😢😢😢

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