Love What We Do

Singing is great. It’s good for you. Makes you feel good. Who doesn’t love to sing when they’re in the bath or the shower ?

We love singing in Year 3 and for the past 6 weeks, we have been learning a song called: Love What We Do. It’s an ‘upbeat’ disco song that makes you want to move and dance. The tempo of the song is fast. The message in the song is all about positivity and looking out for others.

So today we performed the song and have recorded it for you to listen and watch.

Leave a comment below to tell us what you think we did well in our performance. Is there any part of our performance that we could improve on? Let us know.


7 comments on “Love What We Do

  1. Excellent. Well done year 3 😄

  2. Wow! Great singing Year 3 and I love your disco boogy moves!

  3. Wow year 3, that was great! Well done everyone!

  4. Emma Blatchley says:

    Excellent year three amazing singing 🙂

  5. Well done year 3 it great fun singing wasn’t it???🤔

  6. Hannah Ashworth says:

    Well done year 3!! Amazing singing and dancing!

  7. Great fun I love it all I love the tempo I could keep up with the music 🎵 and I loved the dancing it was good 👍 well done year 3.

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