Christmas Poetry and Recycled Robots

We have had an awesome day in Year 3 today. First we learned about British singer/songwriter and rapper Stormzy and how he loved English lessons at school. He loved poetry and reading and read all the books in his school library. We were inspired by Stormzy and listened to him recite the famous festive poem ‘A Visit from St Nicholas’. If you want to listen to it there is a link here.

Then we had a go at learning the poem ourselves. It is a long poem with some really tricky archaic words as it was written in 1823! We worked hard to learn it by working in teams and practising adding expression. We even added some actions to help us remember. I’m really impressed with the children’s resilience and reciprocity and how quickly they learned the poem.

After lunch we completed our robot art project by making some 3d robot sculptures from recycled materials. The children enjoyed experimenting with lots of different materials and techniques to join them. We made some fabulous creations. Take a look …


One comment on “Christmas Poetry and Recycled Robots

  1. Well done year 3 I loved to make those robots thank you Mrs Wood merry Christmas I’ll miss you everybody

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