Introducing…The Year 2 Marching Band!

After learning about a range of musical instruments this half term, this week, we created our own!

The children were tasked with creating a sturdy instrument that creates a sound when hit, shaken or plucked/strummed.  They would also need to be able to march with their instrument. During the design process, we had to think carefully about the sound we wanted to produce and the materials and equipment we would need to use.

Once our designs were complete and the resources had been gathered, we were able to begin the making phase! We had lots of fun bringing our designs to life. When we had finished, we were able to test our instruments and set about making any improvements. Finally, we completed our evaluations, reflecting on each element of the design criteria.

The following day, having selected our chosen piece of music, we learnt to play the pulse (steady beat) using our instruments. Next came the part that we were most looking forward to! Applying our learning from both PE and music to perform in our very own marching band.  Take a look at our video below, we hope you enjoy it!

Well done Year 2, we are very proud of you!

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