Circuit Builders

Circuit Builders


This afternoon, we began our new science project which is based around ‘ELECTRICITY’. There was certainly a buzz of excitement in the air after carrying in the equipment this afternoon….

Before constructing the circuits, we began thinking about what we already know about electricity. We mind-mapped as much as we could about what we know about electrical devices and how many we could think of. We then discussed whether or not the devices needed to be plugged into the mains, whether it was battery powered or could it in fact come under both categories.

The children then watched a video about what needs to be in a series circuit before having a go at building one of their very own. Captain Shelby was incredibly impressed with the resilience of the children. We learnt that if even one of the components does not work, the electrical current does not flow through the circuit. After a few attempts, a number of children were able to get the bulb to brighten up the classroom!

We concluded the session by thinking about what a simple circuit needs. Next week, we will look at some more complex circuits and the children will make predictions as to whether or not certain circuits will work based on a diagram.

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  1. I loved doing this task today

  2. I had so much fun doing this task today!

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