Code Breakers and Game Creators

Code Breakers and Game Creators


We continued our learning about how games are created through code and programming. We began by playing some retro games, such as:


Super Mario

Tunnel Rush

Space Invaders




After playing these timeless games, the children then used Scratch tutorial videos in order to try and make a similar style of game to some of the aforementioned above. It’s safe to say that the children have a new-found appreciation of just how complex programming a game truly is. Each individual sprite needed to be programmed, backgrounds needed to be created and the code for each aspect of the game needed to work simultaneously in order for sprites to interact with one another. Whilst most of us didn’t necessarily complete our games, children were certainly successful in:


-Creating sprites that could be controlled through arrow keys

-Making a ball fly around the screen, rebounding off obstacles

-Design a score-counter in order to make the game competitive

-Ensure that hitting obstacles results in the game being ‘OVER’ and having to start again


Well done, Year 4.


Mr. P


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