Colour march!

This week brought more exciting activities as we continued our topic, ‘Beat Band Boogie’!

During an Art lesson, while listening to a variety of pieces of marching music we used our fingers to march around the page – using only the primary colours: blue, red and yellow. Then, we began to march over some of our ‘steps’. This mixing resulted in the creation of the secondary colours: purple, green and orange! We discovered that…

  • yellow + green = blue
  • red + yellow = orange
  • blue + red = purple

In DT this week, we created rubber band guitars! After some exploration, we discovered that by using three rubber bands of different thicknesses, we could vary the pitch of the sounds created. Not only that, but by plucking the bands harder or more softly, we were able to alter the volume. Sound like something you’d like to try for yourself? Luckily, we wrote our own instruction texts on ‘How to Make a Rubber Band Guitar’ to share this process – just ask one of our Year 2s!

As our work on instructions drew to a close, we were introduced to our new model text through several interesting clues…a cave, a dragon, some jewels and a warning sign! After some thoughtful discussions,  later in the lesson we began to learn to retell the story ‘Kassim and the Greedy Dragon’.  Here is a copy of the text map: Story map

Well done Year 2, have a brilliant weekend everyone!

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