Buzzing About Books!

There is a constant buzz about books in Year 6. We love to spend time exploring new books in our reading sessions, sharing book recommendations, making links between books we have read, and just talking about books!

We spent some time today reviewing some of our favourite books. Some children focused on books they would recommend to their peers in Year 6 whilst others thought about books they would recommend to their buddies in Reception. We then completed a book review for our chosen book to display outside the Year 6 classroom so other people can see what books we would recommend to them and why.

In addition to this, we have also started to have a weekly class discussion based on one question linked to reading. The children spend some time talking about the question as a class, sharing their ideas and giving examples, and then writing their thought on a post-it note to display for the week. So far, we have discussed and thought about:

  • What makes a good book?
  • Should you read the book before watching the film?
  • Tell me about a fact you have learnt from a non-fiction book.

Well done Year 6 for another brilliant week!


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