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Covid update

I am pleased to tell you that the number of new covid cases in school has greatly subsided over the last two week period. Year 5 were our most affected class, and they are almost back to full strength.
In total across the school, we currently have 4 children isolating because of a positive test.
We have had 1 new case this week.

Having considered the risks involved, I am moving the school back to a lower level of restrictions from Monday, which is good news for everyone. The key areas of note for you are:

  • The support timetable for SEN and other children will resume
  • Mixed playtimes and lunchtime (outside) will resume
  • After-school clubs will resume: Football (Monday and Thursday), Rock Band (Tuesday), Netball (Thursday) and Maths Tuition (Tuesday)
  • Parent volunteers can come into school

However, as requested by Dorset Council and Public Health Dorset, we will continue to avoid any mixed or large gathering inside.

Proposed closure of Redlands

You may have seen news that the future of Redlands Sports Hub is very uncertain. There has been much community dismay at the suggestion it will be closing in July, because of the reduction in the sporting facilities in the town and the consequences for levels of health and wellbeing. I am hoping that parents share these concerns and so ask that as many of you as possible sign the petition that has been started by Pete Barrow, school governor and local councillor.
You can read more and sign the petition here:

Christmas Cards

As an eco-school, we are always on the lookout for ways to cut down on the school’s environmental impact. With this in mind, we’d like to encourage your children not to send Christmas cards this year and to consider donating to a charity instead (we will collect any donations brought in instead of cards for the Dorset Wildlife Trust).

Why are we encouraging this? A conservative estimate of the carbon footprint of each card – an exemplary one made from recycled cardboard, posted within the UK and recycled at the other end – is around 140g. The real figure is likely to be higher. We believe it would be a good thing to try to reduce this and would be a useful discussion to have with the children.

Please note that this is only a suggestion. Your child may nonetheless wish to send cards to their classmates. We are happy for them to do this.

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