Scientists At Work – part 2

We loved our magnet investigation so much, we decided to investigate something else. This time we were comparing the distance a toy car travels down a ramp when its gradient changes. All scientists know that when you carry out an investigation / test, that you have to ensure it is a ‘fair test’ so that you can be sure of an accurate interpretation of the results.

A fair test requires only 1 variable to change in each testing. In our investigation, the only variable that changed was the gradient of the ramp. We made sure that we: 1. Our toy car always started from the same position. 2 We didn’t push the car. 3 We didn’t change the length of the ramp. 4. We measured from the end of the ramp to the front of the car each time. 5. We didn’t change the material of the ramp. 6. We didn’t change the toy car.

Well done everyone. Great fair testing 🙂


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