Conducting our Experiment

Conducting our Experiment


There was a buzz of excitement in the room this afternoon as we continued to learn all about electricity and circuits. Today, we focused on the idea of Conductivity. We began by exploring what materials various things around the classroom were made out of and why. For example, chairs have metal legs because they are solid and sturdy, windows are made out of glass because they are transparent and let natural light into the room etc.

We then watched an Electrical conductivity video which helped us to understand that materials that conduct electricity are those that allow the electrical current to flow through it. The children then had to build a series circuit and test whether or not various items were conductive or non-conductive. The children really enjoyed doing this science experiment and soon noticed that most objects made out of metal conducted electricity and the rest were non-conductive. Some children even looked at some more unusual materials that conducted electricity, such as graphite!

Well done, Year 4.


3 comments on “Conducting our Experiment

  1. This was so much fun and I had a great time doing this:)

  2. i had so much fun doing this task

  3. It was fun i must say but my strong point is not ataching crocodile clips.IT HERTS MY HAND🤕😁

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