Create and Debug!

This week in our Computing lessons we have been learning about algorithms. We learnt that an algorithm is a sequence of clear, precise instructions given to a computer so that it can complete a task.

In our first lesson, we completed a series of tasks which involved using Purple Mash ‘blocks’ to create computer code (a set of instructions). Our aim was to create a program for a snail race. At times, the snails did not perform the desired action – that’s where debugging comes in! We know that computer code can sometimes contain mistakes. When these occurred, we had to check the code carefully to identify and correct the mistake – this is called debugging!

Later in the week, we were given the task of recreating the story of The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle. We worked reciprocally to create our own algorithms for a program which aims to move the caterpillar around the grid, eating different items of food in the correct order before becoming a butterfly. We needed to use vocabulary such as: forward, backwards, left, right, quarter turn and half turn. We recorded each instruction, using compare bears to help us create and test these. As the code we created was particularly long, there was inevitably some bugs. This gave us a brilliant opportunity to practise our debugging skills!

We are looking forward to putting our learning into further practice when we use Bee-Bots shortly.

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