Today, Southill participated in the prestigious ‘Nash Cup’ competition. After two years of this cup competition being absent from our school calendar (due to COVID) we were delighted to hear that Budmouth very kindly stepped in to put the event on for all the primary schools.

The standard of all the teams was excellent and the quality of football on show was truly incredible. Here are the results


Southill  1 – 0 Bincombe               

Southill 2 – 2 Chickerell                                              

Southill  0 – 0  Holy Trinity                                       

Southill 1 – 1 Bincombe                                              

Southill 1 – 4 Chickerell                                             

Southill 0 – 1 Holy  Trinity             



Southill 0 – 0 Bincombe

Southill 0 – 0 Holy Trinity

Southill 1 – 2 Chickerell

Southill 0 – 1 Atlantic

Southill 1 – 4 St Augustine’s

Southill 2 – 3 St Johns


As you can see from the fixtures and results above, not only were we playing some very big primary schools in our local area (in fact we were the smallest) but we actually competed incredibly well in every fixture. Many congratulations to Chickerell Girls and St Augustine’s Boys who won the tournaments.

I am so proud of both the teams today and I also take great pride in the fact that our school provides such excellent sporting opportunities for the children. In previous years the competition has been split into small and big schools and I truly believe we would have come out on top if this was the case.

It was also so fantastic seeing the children show incredible sportsmanship and team spirit throughout the contest. Two of our players also received ‘Player of the Tournament’ certificates for their efforts.

Sadly, this is the last football match that some of our Year 6’s will ever play in. I would like to thank them from the bottom of my heart for the effort and passion they’ve showed over the past few years. We hope you’ve enjoyed representing Southill as much as I’ve enjoyed seeing you flourish on the football pitch.

Thank you to everybody who helped to transport the children to Budmouth today and a HUGE thank you to Aaron McGrath who very kindly coached the boys.

Mr. Prior

3 comments on “THE NASH CUP

  1. Florence Cleave says:

    Well done ⚽️

  2. Isabelle says:

    This was really fun but challenging!

  3. Thank you for all your hard work, and giving ny grandson the opportunity to participate in what he loves doing most. ⚽️

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