Day Two and off to London Zoo

Day Two and off to London Zoo


What. A. Day!


Today, the children were up bright and early after a good night sleep desperate to get going. We began with a lovely breakfast of cereal, croissants, pain-au-chocolat, toast and various juices.


The children packed their bags ready for yet another jam-packed day. After a leisurely walk through Regents Park, we finally arrived at London Zoo. It’s safe to say we had the best day ever! We saw the penguins being fed, gorillas leisurely swinging in the sunshine, wild dogs play-fighting along with so many more incredible and fascinating creatures. It was simply spectacular and so were the children. In fact, we were so impressed with the children’s behaviour that it was only fitting to reward them with a well-earned ice cream…yum.


We then made our way to Nando’s where the children tucked into a tasty meal. Winner winner chicken (and veggie) dinner! After that, the kids visited a souvenir shops in order to spend their pennies and were then relieved to hear that they were able to return to the hostel to finally put their feet up. We walked a whopping 20,000 steps today and the kids were absolutely magnificent!


They children are now chilling in their rooms, packing up their belongings, showering and putting on their pj’s ready for a chilled evening before we head to the Shakespeare Globe Theatre tomorrow and also the return journey.


7 comments on “Day Two and off to London Zoo

  1. What a fantastic day for all the children. Those smiles say it all. 😊

  2. Incredible day! It was so lovely reading all about it. Thank you!!

  3. Taylor kitton says:

    I loved this trip it will definitely be a memeroble one! I just flicked through and told my brother about it all and he’s so excited for when he goes

  4. I absolutely loved london zoo. My favourite animal was the wild dogs. Thank you.

  5. I loved London zoo. My favourite animal was the wild dogs. Thank you.

  6. I loved this trip it was the best trip I’ve ever been on I loved the zoo with the penguins swimming really fast around in the tank especially the really fast one.

  7. Londen zoo i cant denie WAS THE GREATIST ZOO EVER!!! It was so fun and i loved the penguin we named after Flinn.😂😂😂

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