Day 1 of our London Adventure…

Day 1 of our London Adventure…


The kids were buzzing with excitement as they ventured out of Weymouth on their way to London. It was not long before sweets were opened, games were played and sights were seen. In fact, our cheerful coach driver happily took us on a very slight detour in order to see the planes flying right overhead from Heathrow airport. My word were they close to the roof of the coach! He also showed us splendid sights such as Wembley Stadium, The Harry Potter Studios and where various street parties took place for the King’s Coronation.

After quickly popping our bags in a holding room at the hostel and eating our lunches, we then headed out onto the cobbled streets of London in order to go to the British Museum. We learnt all about mummification, learnt about ancient pottery, weaponry and how various people were buried. Time also allowed us to visit other exhibits in the museum which was fab!

After a quick selfie on the stairs, we headed to Russel Square where the children played some fun games out on the grass. We even gate-crashed the premiere of ‘The Little Mermaid’. We didn’t however have time to walk down the red carpet as we were ready for dinner at the Jungle Café! It was epic! The children loved eating their hearty plates of dinner and dessert whilst being surrounded by the jungle. Animal sounds and plants made it a very surreal experience indeed (no rain thank goodness).

We then made our way back to the hostel where the children then headed to their rooms and are now preparing for the very first room inspection of the trip…

Full bellies, awesome memories and happy children. What more could you ask for…

Tomorrow…LONDON ZOO!


5 comments on “Day 1 of our London Adventure…

  1. Helen Cleave says:

    Great photos, lots of smiley faces.
    Memories made that will last a lifetime
    Thank you Southill primary school.

  2. Oh wow what an amazing first day! Looks and sounds like they are living the dream! Thank you for the update and wonderful pictures. Enjoy the Zoo!!


    Love the update and photos. Sounds like you’re having a cracking time! 😁

  4. I loved the musem and the jungle caffe/cave but i did hate the people in big animal costumes. It was still great cause i was in my room with my friends.

  5. this was so fun the pizza at the jungle cave was great and the
    jelly smarty chocolate and ice cream the food was so good i couldn’t finish it I got stung by a wasp at the end of the museum activity -well outside of the museum-.

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