Dictionary Dash!

Dictionary Dash!

Who knew Dictionaries could be so much fun!? Today, Year Three played a very simple game. How quickly could they find a given word in the dictionary and find the definition? We had great fun learning about what a variety of words meant. The enthusiasm and resilience to find words using the first three letters was amazing to see and will certainly help them when spellchecking their work.

After our ‘Dictionary Dash’ warm up, the children then filled out a ‘Never Heard the Word Grid’. It involved looking at vocabulary from our model text and learning about what possible unfamiliar words mean. By the end of the lesson, the children had found out what the following words meant:







We are really starting to see reciprocal, resilient, reflective and resourceful learners sprouting out of Year Three. The BLP gang would be proud as punch! The lesson was perfectly summed up today by one child who said, “Mr. Prior, can I choose the Dictionary as my reading book?”

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