Did You Know? – Stargazers Version!

Stars, giant stars, hypergiants and planets – do you know which of those is the largest in size?  Do you know how long a year is on Mercury? Do you know which planet is lying on it’s side?  Do you know many Earths could fit inside Jupiter?  What about how many years would to take to fly around a hypergiant star?

If not, why not ask us and find out?! We are quickly becoming Super Stargazer Scientists and are putting our non-fiction knowledge to the test in our new topic!

Here we are working hard to complete our Solar System Slides packed full of fun facts and images…

Our favourite lesson this week was comparing the size of all the planets and stars in and near our Solar System – have a look at our comparisons in class and the amazing video we watched!

In other news, we have also learnt how to represent squared and cubed numbers and use them to find the product of a number in prime numbers.  Just another week of awesome learning in Year 5! Well done everyone, see you next week, ready for more!

2 comments on “Did You Know? – Stargazers Version!

  1. Lucy Smale says:

    This topic is so fun.I’m really exited for the stargazing and all the adventures to come.

  2. I love ⭐️ stargazing 🔭

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