Beat Band Boogie!

Welcome back to a very busy, fun and action packed week in Year 2!  We started the week exploring some clues to our new text – Instructions to grow a giant beanstalk.  We hope you have been learning the text at home.  We watched the Royal Marines drumming band and moved to the beat as the introduction to our new topic ‘Beat Band Boogie’.  We’ve been outside playing our kitchen instruments and creating our kitchen instrument bands.  In PE we have been a marching band following different paths, using strong movements and trying to follow the leader.  We have made balloon drums and used them to make and copy rhythms.  This afternoon we were out enjoying the lovely weather again, this time using sticks to explore all the sounds we can make on different surfaces around the school grounds.  We discovered that the hand rails sound like bells and the bridge on the trim trail is also very musical.  What a busy week!  We hope you have a relaxing weekend.

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