Release the Red!

Release the Red!


As we know, the blood that flows through our arteries and veins is, of course, red. However, after looking at this colour in more detail, it turns out that there’s hundreds of different shades! Here are just a few…







American Rose 



Rosso Corsa 

Candy Apple


This afternoon, using materials such as: ink, paint, pencils, pens and chalks, the children experimented with various colours and shades as they worked hard in order to produce a piece of abstract art.


The afternoon seemed to fly by and it was great seeing the children so engrossed with their art work and experimenting with colours and materials.


5 comments on “Release the Red!

  1. Well done everybody for giving it a good go!
    Mr Prior, what a hideous photo you got of me! I was laughing when you took it. 🙁

  2. It looks amazing. Well done everybody.

  3. Red.😁I love the colour red

  4. I really enjoyed doing this type of art. Red is a great choice on colour. Thanks for the amazing lesson!

  5. I LOVE ART ! I didn’t know there were so many different shades of red! This was such a fun taskthank you Mr Prior.

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