✏️DOODLY December

JOIN US as we take part in our very own ✏️Doodly December; a daily creative opportunity to explore a variety of themes via sketch!

Here at school, we’ll encourage classes to embrace the art of doodling. This means that creations can be experimental and form part of a process as we shape our drawing and observational skills. We’ll share a selection of our daily doodles for others to admire and take inspiration, for this we’d love to extend the experience within our school community and therefore invite families to join in, no matter your age or ability! Below you’ll see our daily themes, doodles can be sent to us at the usual media address – we’d also be really pleased if children could continue their doodles over the weekend, should they wish.

Drawings don’t need to be polished creations and therefore don’t require significant time (unless by choice). They can also be completed while out and about and through a variety of mediums(pencil, pen, etc). It’s really all about developing our creativity and confidence with elements such as line, form and shape – embracing art all around us, whilst having LOTS of fun. Together!


Below are a selection of our daily doodles:


Day 11: ANGELS

Day 10: STARS

Day 9: FROST


Day 8: SLEEP


Day 7: JUMP

Day 6: GROW

Day 5: RIVER

With thanks to local artist Stephen Bithell for sharing his sketch of the River Thames, London. Stephen told us that he very much enjoys drawing and painting rivers, whilst spending time sitting and walking along their banks. Especially on a misty morning!

This particular drawing forms part of Stephen’s pocket sketchbook, we love this idea. We have admired his drawing while thinking of the many benefits having a small sketchpad can bring – opportunities to capture the beauty of our surroundings by embracing creativity on-the-go.

Day 4: FIRE


Day 2: TREES

Day 1: WAVES

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