That Rum Tum Cat!

Year 5 will be heading on an exciting journey over this year exploring oracy, speaking and listening in the classroom. We will be improving our use of language, tone and discussion techniques to speak eloquently, articulate thoughts and gain more from our talking and listening in class.  This in turn will improve our discussion with our classmates and help us to express our views more confidently.

To start us off, we played some fun games this week including ‘Ma Ma Moo’. ‘Ma Ma Moo’ saw us saying the same thing in different tones leaving the class guessing what we were feeling from the way we were expressing ourselves. What amazing vocabulary the class were generating with emotions such as ‘spiteful’, ‘frustrated’, ‘joyful’, ‘jealous’, ‘confused’, ‘ecstatic’ and ‘hopeful’, well done Year 5!

Have a look at our performance of the poem Rum Tum Tugger by T. S. Eliot and check out our use of intonation and expression to really perform the lines and by how confidently we have recited the poem!

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