This half term, the children have been celebrating ‘Non-Fiction November’ in style by learning all about information texts. We have learnt our model text called ‘Dragons’ which informs the reader of their appearance, ability to fly and produce fire. There are many benefits to learning texts like these using text mapping:


-It introduces children to new vocabulary 

-It helps children understand how to structure their writing

-It develops their ability to read aloud and perform with intonation and volume

-It’s fun to do!¬†


I am sure you’ll agree that they have SMASHED this out of the park and it makes me feel very optimistic about our Shakespeare play after Christmas (stay tuned for more information). This week, the children will be using the structure of this piece of writing that they have learnt to help them produce their very own information text. I am sure they will be PACKED with fascinating facts!


Well done, Year 4. Is there anything you can’t do!?


Mr. Prior


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